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Simply Overcoming

Simply Overcoming

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01 Oct 2014
Etiquetas: Mind  Body  Spirit thought practice 
Willingness to overcome and to be an overcomer has to come from somewhere deep inside of you. It isn't something that someone can give you no matter how much they might want to do so. It has to come from somewhere down deep in your heart, mind and soul. It is a stirring of a desire to no longer be controlled, but to be the controller. For this to happen, a person has to make a definite decision that they want to succeed and get past whatever obstacle they might be facing. What about you? Yes you, the person reading this book right now. Have you gotten to the point of being fed up about life's challenges repeatedly overwhelming you? Are you doing anything about it? Are you ready to take control, grasp the handlebars of your life, and forge ahead? Perhaps the road will be rocky and unsure, but at least you will know that you aren't getting tossed around by the waves of life's ocean any more without the ability to have some control. Why are you looking back? Why are you longing for something that is gone and will never come around again? When you look backwards, you block your ability to look and move forward. It is like being stuck in quicksand. The past is sucking you down and the sad truth is that you are allowing it. The lifeline is right there in front of you; however, the majority of us resist...and what happens? We don't reach out for the line that can help us out. Instead, we just allow ourselves to keep being sucked further in. It happens so slowly that we don't even realize it; but all the same, it is still happening.

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